The All-In-One Toolkit for Your Sales Team

Before Souk No idea of team's performance, sharing contacts and files back and forth, cluttered private and business chats
After Souk Track WhatsApp activity, centralized contact and file management, organized chat that the company owns.

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Souk works with WhatsApp

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Let Souk save you from
WhatsApp hell

Whether you’re a salesperson or a sales leader, we’ve got the tools you’ve been looking for to make life on WhatsApp easier and more efficient


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WhatsApp Integration

Track your team's interactions with your customers with our first class WhatsApp integration.

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Centralized Contact

Automatically create accounts from WhatsApp. Easily share contacts within the team. No more asking for contact on WhatsApp.

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Share files and images

No more clutter. Use a single app to manage notes, leads and files. Own your company's data.

and more...

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Manage accounts and contacts; manage products. Get organized.

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Team Chat

Create groups and send private messages. See only what is necessary for your business.

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Add modules like Tally, Shopify, etc and bring all your data into a single app.

Lot more to come

We are constantly working on Souk to make it a better place. A place for communication like never seen before.

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